How Many Running Shoes Types Are There


There are many different options when it comes to choosing the type of running shoes you need. The trick is figuring out, which one of the running shoes types is right for you. The things you need to consider when shopping for footwear is the gait that you have and the type of runner that you are. The soccer player would find it very uncomfortable to play his game in the lifted sneakers meant for the workout runner.

It is important to run in shoes made for your arch because doing so will avoid pain, pressure and injury. Many people feel pressure and pain and are unaware that if they wear footwear made for their arch it may relieve the discomfort. Individuals will experience comfort and ease while wearing shoes made for their arch type.

Flat footed individuals or over pro-nation tend to have too much of an inward roll upon landing the foot on the ground. The half arched or Neutral footed individuals has a normal walk when the foot hit the ground and can take advantage of wearing any type of shoes. The heel and ball or under pro-nation footed individuals do not have enough of an inward roll upon landing.

To determine which one of the three arch types you have you can visit with a fit specialist and have your feet professionally fitted or by performing the Wet Test at home. The wet test is done by wetting your foot and stepping on a dry paper bag then studying your foot print. You will then be armed with the knowledge you need to find the right running shoes for you.

Long gone are the days of the boring one dimensional running shoes, the footwear industry has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years, with so many fresh new styles to choose from, popular brand names and celebrity endorsements it is pretty easy to see why. Sneakers of today can be completely personalized with the graphics and colors you want, some lace up while others may strap on.

Individuals run for many different reasons. There are basketball players, who will benefit from wearing a pair of sturdy, non-slip, flexible shoes. The long distance runners will perform best in a pair of lightweight running shoes that are made to last and of course those of you that run as a means of exercise will see results if wearing a pair of lifted running shoes.

If you decide to go to a store front to shop your sneakers then you should ask if the pair you have your eyes on are made for your arch type. You should try on a lot of different shoes and compare between brands and prices. And if you are shopping for footwear on the internet then you should read the customer reviews and comments and also ask questions and shop around at different sites before making your purchase.

Shopping for running shoes can be overwhelming chore with all the different styles, prices and brands available for you out there. But now that you know what type of arch you walk on, shopping for your new kicks will be a low pressure and very enjoyable experience.

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