The Cholesterol Lie – Types Of Heart Disease


These days, more and more people are becoming more vigilant to heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems. How does one tell if he or she is suffering from some kind of heart disease prior to seeking medical attention? Reading more on cardiovascular conditions will introduce you to different types of heart disease that affects any age group.

Leading the list is congenital heart disease. This is one of the most common types of heart disease that is not caused by external factors. This is passed down your blood line, from one generation to another. If you have heard of family members suffering from heart diseases early in their lives, better take caution and have yourself checked as the chances of you having a heart attack can be inevitable and unpreventable.

Congestive heart failure is a type of heart disease caused by inadequate supply of blood in the organs of the body. This can also result from constricted blood vessels. When the blood is unable to pump sufficient supply of blood, swelling, edema, and shortness of breath can occur and these often lead to heart attacks.

Perhaps the most common type of heart disease is what physicians refer to as coronary heart disease. This describes a damaged heart caused by insufficient blood supply and fat build up. Angina is a common manifestation of coronary heart disease. This refers to the pain felt when there is decreased supply of blood to the heart muscles.

Pulmonary heart disease is another type of heart ailment that many people suffer from. This type of heart disease is triggered by complications in the lung or lungs. Increased pressure in the lungs is often caused by slowed or blocked blood flow and leads to syncope, shortness of breath, chest pain, and dyspnoea.

There is also rheumatic heart disease, another one of the common types of heart disease. This can be caused by infections due to strep throat, especially when a patient suffers from rheumatic fever due to chronic sore throat. Although rare, people who often suffer from strep throat should take medications like cortisteroids to prevent any potential heart problems.

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