Dry Skin Remedies to Get Dry Skin Glowing!


An effective dry skin therapy can enhance your skin and save it from aging quickly even if it happens to be on the dull and dry side. I understand this type of condition can be a drag if not well cared for…because I have it too!

Luckily I learned early onward that a complete and effective program followed daily no longer became a choice but ‘a must’ to retain soft and supple looking skin.

If you wish to enhance your own skin type regardless of what has been done so far consider the following tips. The only requirement on your part is to commit daily to the tried and true dry skin remedies. They will help you combat annoying symptoms often associated with this type of condition. In due time, pampered and well cared for skin will exude a youthful appeal all of its own.

A few helpful remedies will follow right after you allow me to brief you in on some of the pesky symptoms and its causes. So if you suffer from dull dry skin…

Symptoms may include one or more of the following:

Blotchiness, flakiness, sagginess, itchiness, redness, thinness, rough and/or scaly patches, a dull and matt appearance, a sense of tightness after cleansing, a few tiny pore if none at all!

Causes may include one or more of the following:

Environmental factors, diet, lack of exercise, genetics, hormonal changes and normal aging.

Your dry skin therapy should include:

A humidifier if indoor air is dry: Environmental factors such as extreme weather conditions found in hot and cold climates affect your skin tremendously. Hot weather that calls for the use of air conditioners or cold weathers that call for the use of electrical heater especially the baseboard kind can severely dry and irritate your skin. Find relief through the use of an indoor humidifier, which will soothe skin and prevent further dryness and irritation from occurring.
A diet similar to the Mediterranean kind: Diet directly affects your skin and can cause it to become flaky and dry. The Mediterranean diet I grew up on is rich in wholesome fruits and vegetables, nuts and fish. It maintains and helps preserve healthy skin because consumption is based on a wide source of natural fruits and vegetables that contain skin enhancing vitamins as well as omega 3 fats found in fish. Visible results to skin are smoothness and suppleness. Olive oil – another Mediterranean staple works wonders on skin too. As an in between meal snack, munch on nuts which contain Vitamin E – the antioxidant vitamin that helps reduce skin damaging free radicals.
Exercise to get fit: A dry skin therapy includes exercise. There’s nothing like a good workout to get blood flow to the skin. ‘Participaction’ (participation and action) in exercise performed at least 3 times weekly will reward you with optimum health and vitality. And typically a healthy mind and fit body will reveal a skin that glows regardless of your age. So eat well and keep fit too!
Genetics: The genes you were gifted with at the time of birth dictate to a certain degree the type of skin you have and the way in which it ages. The good news is that although it has somewhat of a say in the appearance of your skin…it does not have a total say. You can easily enhance the appearance of your complexion with a proven dry skin therapy that successfully fights the causes for skin aging. Such a therapy will employ effective and quality ingredients in high enough concentrations to bring about a younger looking complexion.
Natural skin care to offset dryness caused by hormonal changes and normal aging: Skin eventually changes with each new decade. Eventual changes in the body occur causing hormones to fluctuate and slowly decrease – another cause for more dryness. Fight dryness with a dry skin therapy that uses natural cosmetic complete with anti aging substances. Dryness and flakiness will be controlled and eliminated over time. Use a natural cleanser that gently cleanses skin without compromising natural oils. Exfoliation should be kept to a minimum especially if you notice that you skin has thinned. If you enjoy masking, use a mask weekly or every other week. It should contain nourishing antioxidants to hydrate the skin as well, such as avocado, macadamia oils and active manuka honey. Follow with a daily age-fighting lotion applied immediately on damp skin to help conserve moisture. Moisturize throughout the day if and when needed.

Soft and young looking skin can still be yours despite all the dryness and flakiness. Unless conditions are extremely severe and require the help of a professional, you can conquer related dry skin symptoms by devoting the necessary time and care with the dry skin remedies suggested.

Have fun like I do and have others always wanting to guess at your age. There’s nothing more amusing than to finally shock them like I do and leave them in total disbelief!

Lita Pitruzzello, formerly a skin care consultant, now a dedicated researcher and avid proponent of natural skin care lines and products. To learn and discover more about highly advanced skin care products that truly work, be sure to visit her site at http://skin-health-and-body.com/


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