Characteristics of a Distance MBA


More and more people these days are interested in Distance MBA programs. These types of programs offer the student a lot of benefits compared to a traditional MBA program, especially depending on your particular circumstances. A distance MBA typically allows the student to remain employed with their current position, allows for the degree to be completed from a distance, and also allows the student to complete the degree on their own time, when time is available. These are some huge benefits, especially for the type of person who may have opted out of getting an MBA because of the typical restraints associated with going back to school.

A distance MBA program is typically a hybrid of online courses and a little bit of in class room, or proctored test taking. This type of hybrid setup is very common these days and has become very popular among many of the nations top business schools. This type of setup allows the university to offer courses, reading material, videos, and other resources over the internet which can be accessed everywhere at any time. So instead of spending a certain amount of time in a classroom, the student is expected to spend that time at home, at the library, at the office, wherever they have internet access. It is a common misconception that online or distance degrees are easier than traditional ones, but they way they are setup is to be almost exactly the same curriculum as an in classroom degree.

Online and distance MBA degrees are respectable these days. It is very important, however; to make sure you enroll with an accredited university. Stay away from the “diploma mill” type institutions and make absolutely sure you look into the accreditation of wherever you decide on. Just keep in mind that not all universities are looked at as being equal. When it comes to business schools, they are ranked just like any other professional school and these rankings are taken seriously by some of the most competitive employers.

Whether you have been out of school for years and years, are just completing your undergraduate degree, or are somewhere in the middle, a distance MBA program might be right up your alley. Expand your knowledge and increase your credentials while keeping your current job. It is easier than ever to obtain an MBA.

If you would like more information about a Distance MBA Programs or would like to check out a specific Distance MBA Program please visit the CSU Distance MBA Program site by clicking either link.


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