Four Main Types Of Cell Phones


Cell phone has become an indispensable tool in our daily communication. A variety of cell phones have appeared on the market. As customers, we have so many choices to select. Different styles and designs can meet different people. In general, there are four main types of cell phones on the market.

Multi Function Phone
With the development of electronic technology, instead of buying a cell phone which can only receive or send messages and calls, people nowadays tend to choose multi function cell phones. The multi-purpose phone has many functions which include music, camera, internet and game. You can do anything you want to do during your relaxed time.

TV Function Cell Phone
In the past, we can only watch TV programs on TV set and Internet. But now, the cell phones which have TV function are the best choice for these people who are fond of watching TV. You can just click on cell phone to see the digital TV and do not need to hurry home to watch a TV series or your favorite program. There are many of TV function cell phones for you to choose on the market.

Dual SIM Card Cell Phone
If you are a busy businessman, this kind of cell phone is suitable for you. You can save long-distance call cost because Dual SIM Card cell phone is greatly helpful for user who needs to use his (or her) cell phone in different city, province or country. Also it is very easy to use. After inserting two SIM cards into your cell phone, just press the ON/OFF key (phone power switch) to select the SIM card you prefer to use.

Wi-Fi Cell Phone
When a cell phone has embedded Wi-Fi technology, its handset can access the Internet through a nearby wireless router. This kind of cell phone can connect a wireless router a business, a coffee shop, at your home or anywhere with an active wireless router. In this case, the Wi-Fi Cell Phones is not charged or counted for data usage and circumvents a cell phone carrier’s network.

Today, getting a cell phone has become more complicated, as users are presented with a variety of models. How about your mobile phone choice? Think it Over.

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