Characteristics Of Salvia Divinorum


Salvia Divinorum is native to Mexico; this plant has different names like Magic Mint, Sage plant, Maria Pastora, Diviners Sage and Sally D. From several years, this plant has been using by Shams in Mexico as a supplement for achieving blissful, trance like state with little effort. Due to its qualities, the plant is also named as ‘Sage of Seers’. This Mexican plant is a popular psychotherapy aid and is known have good effects on many complicated human diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer and even AIDs. The plant is also useful in relieving extreme pain, Alzheimer, Schizophrenia and in the treatment of insomnia. In addition to this, Salvia Divinorum is a non-toxic and non-addictive with various qualities.

The plant is useful for curing pimple, boils and different other hot skin problems. It has been revealed that the plant helps in improving blood circulation in myocardium helping the heart work well and eliminating many problems. Chinese, especially women prefers using this herb than any other medicine in menstrual disorders. Recognized as a good stress reliever, attention improver, the plant is also helpful in removing anxiety and depression. This herbal plant is also helpful in recovering memory, self realization, blissful and getting trance.

Basically, the plant is mostly used as a psychedelic stimulator. Helping an individual to recall his memories, infuse selflessness, and meditation. With this herb, one can achieve an ultimate joy of trance. One can consume this herb in different forms; fresh leaves can be crush and extract juice, as tea with some mix-up. One can chew it and smoking is also another form. The effect of this herb is very overwhelming and overpowering, so one should take it in small amount. When smoking this herb, care should be taken.

Salvia Smoking let you experience psychedelic behavior and in fact one can feel out of the world. The effect of the plant results in delay in time period of the individual which means reaction time gets delayed. One would experiences different types of imagination, they get encountered by other person or any object and think as if they are in a different world. The effect usually last for one hour, but the effect depends on the quantity of salvia inhaled.

There are basically two different ways of salvia Smoking Pipes . Firstly, the traditional ways which requires a number of leaves but this form is generally safe. The second way of salvia smoking is the modern way requiring lesser dried leaves in comparison to the traditional one. This form of smoking is frequently used by the people. But the most sophisticated form of salvia smoking is using water cooled pipe which makes a lot easier to smoke a large quantity of smoke.

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