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Since the big S’s “Beauty King 2” after publication without laser surgery or cosmetic market position immediately soared, becoming magical rejuvenation. Moreover, more and more types of laser beauty, the efficacy of diverse demands, like Ping using different wavelengths, high-energy beam of light into the skin at different levels, can meet the freckle, wrinkle, to scars, Whitening Etc., which attracted the Beautiful women are eager eagerly flock. However, according to the Guangzhou Military General Hospital Plastic Surgery and Laser Plastic Army Director of the Centre Professor Li Qin introduced the reality is, the laser is not a panacea, has its limitations.

So how can Ruyuan to enjoy the beauty of laser do? In general, the regular hospital plastic surgery practitioners are usually able to provide more sound advice. But very often, even a good doctor, if he does not always operate Laser May also experience shortages at treatment due to unsatisfactory. Therefore, you can do is much more, carefully skipped the various beauty trap.

Trap 1?? The latest equipment In over Newspaper , TV Of Advertisement In and on-site consultation, if you hear “This is our exclusive clinic to introduce a new generation of equipment, the best”, do not over-heated. This is because the effect of the new generation of machines may not the best, and “exclusive” equipment may also be buried with hidden dangers.

So-called “first generations of equipment”, are often a number of adverse medical institutions deceive outsiders antics. There are hundreds of cosmetic laser equipment, Proxy Commercial introduction of products from different manufacturers to claim that imports of “N-generation” instruments, in fact, the effect may not have any new. The so-called “exclusive equipment” is also possible that foreign companies will showcase a number of machines sold to medical institutions try to be cheap, plus the vendor does not meet the foreign parameters characteristics of oriental skin, so results might not do as conventional instruments.

Trap 2?? Effect to ensure To alert similar to the “3 times to ensure effective” argument, because everyone’s body and Life Environmental conditions are different, there is no guarantee can be effective several times. With pigmented laser treatment, for example, two will be able to remove some spots, but some people “back to Black” in serious condition and must wait several months for the next laser treatment may also increase the number. If you entered the clinic, the doctor asked you “do a few laser” and promotional practices such as using a lump sum to attract you dig Pocket , You’re more into account.

Trap 3?? Universal treatment If the doctor says: “Your skin problems all can be resolved with a laser, the treatment can help you now.” Then you must be careful. First, you should pay attention to this sector there are several sets of laser devices, if only one instrument is a cure all kinds of symptoms, it is much more to play on your mind a few questions. Experts suggested that the choice of laser beauty, in addition to several doctors for your treatment options and inform the course of treatment efficacy and side effects, the best advice 23 or more different doctors advice, careful assessment before making a decision.

Trap 4?? Beautiful words We often see promotional

Laser Devices of all kinds of advertisement, most of these fancy flowery language, often without the general medical knowledge Consumption Are confused foggy. To remind those of beauty, do not be fooled by beautiful language of advertising, not to easily believe that the so-called celebrity ad. Really good technology and laser equipment is not required by exaggerated advertisements to modification.

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