Types Of Tiles


There are mostly 4 types of tiles which are used for flooring of house or offices. Those four are ceramic, porcelain, natural stone which are also know as Marble and other include some other types of tiles. These types of tiles are differentiated on ability of shine, material used in making tiles and hardness of the material. Most of maker; made tiles in square shape. Some special shapes are also made but those shapes are mostly made for kitchen door slabs or windows slab or for slab used in kitchen. Bathroom counter tops are also made in some extra sizes. These counter tops and slab other than the square shape is expensive than simple tiles.
There are nine different types with in ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles are made up of clay. In America there is an association which emphasis to follow standards while making ceramic tiles. There are glazed and unglazed types in ceramic which are used for different purposes. Glazed tiles are mostly available in the form of sticker which is thinker than other stickers and can be placed on any floor. These types of tiles give look as like other tiles but after 3 or 4 year this sticker give up and give the rough look.
Porcelain is made up of ground sand which is fine as compare to simple clay. These tiles are made with high pressure and temperature. Some porcelain tile are very long lasting in usage as there composition throughout their life remain consistent which so that these types of porcelain tiles does not change shapes and does not give up their color or any such thing. The price of such tiles are not expensive if compare with usage. The sizes and change of prices with size is same issue in all types of tiles so this is not changed with the change of material.
Natural stone extract from the special hill. This is unique item used for flooring and counter tops. There are many different types of natural stones which are used for flooring like granite and other. The types are differentiating on the bases of colors. The prices of the natural stones also known as marble; change with change of types. Origin of natural stone are different some extract from India and some extract from china and some are from the northern areas of Pakistan. Extraction of marble is done by using the heavy machinery and experts. Marble mostly extracted in large pieces and then cut down in small pieces. The prices of large are still high as in porcelain or in ceramic rather the fact that marble original extract in large piece.

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