Spy Cameras – How Many Types Available On The Market?


Spy cameras are cameras which could shoot pictures or videos of some people or environment without their awareness. In the past, such kind of hidden cameras are used in espionage activities. Today, these electronics gadgets allow us to know what actually occurs when we are absent from the place in question. They come into different appearances, like toys, watches, clocks, and pens. Do you know how many types available on the market? What are their greatest features?

Spy cameras which used by professional spies are very high-end and their prices are expensive. They usually come with sophisticate design, abundant on-board storage capacity, intelligence computer connection and mini sizes. These items could be concealed in very small places. Such kind of spy gadgets usually couldn’t be accessed by common citizens.

Daily life used spy cameras are easily found on online shops, especially wholesale shops. Popular types on the market are:

Wireless hidden cameras
Wireless types usually come into different shapes, for example, clocks, toys, MP3, lamp, mobile phones and a button. A hidden transmitter and a pinhole inside such a camera will record the situation in the place where you put it. Most wireless types are rechargeable. Due to their mini sizes and capacity, one full charge only lasts for several hours, for instance, MD80 0.3MP Camera Mini DV Mini DVR Camera Spy Camera from PickEgg is available to offer 2-hour maximal perform for one full charge.

Wired spy cameras
Wired spay cameras are usually cheaper than wireless. The whole installation of such types is easy and simple – only several minutes, you could get your installation done. Like wireless types, they could be made into different shapes.

No matter what type you will choose, you should consider the environment setting. If you intend to use outdoors, a bullet is suitable as it is weather proof. For use in the office or household, you could choose pinhole camera. If you are gonna useOnly suited spy products could offer the best performance.

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