There are many types of massage therapy


Massage Leeds is a form of therapy which has been used in many different guises, all over the world, for many years.  Leeds massage triggers physiological changes in the body through what is known as the relaxation response, which is the response of the nervous system to specific massage techniques and touch, and mechanical responses, which are the changes which occur when pressure is applied to soft tissue, also known as muscles and skin.

There are many types of massage therapy, from the ancient tried-and-tested methods in Chinese medicine dating as far back as 2,700 BC through to the more modern treatments we see today which can also incorporate other therapeutic sensory stimulation such as music and aromatherapy.

Wakefield massage is often used to give relief to the symptoms of various physical health issues, and is now widely used in conventional as well as alternative medicine to benefit elder people and those living with chronic or serious illness.  Friends and relatives are also offered courses on some of the massage Leeds techniques involved so that they can use them at home.  Leeds massage is also used as part of physiotherapy and is commonly used as pain relief in pain and drug rehabilitation clinics.

Leeds massage helps assist functions of the body such as lymphatic drainage, helping the system to eliminate toxins as well as assisting in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the body and improving circulation.  Massage Leeds also improves cellular health, helping tissues to function with more efficiency and reducing swelling in soft tissues.  For this reason, Leeds massage is commonly used by those such as athletes and dancers to provide relief following physical activity.

The way in which Wakefield massage helps to reduce painful muscular spasms and contractions also reduces nerve compression, which is what occurs when the nerves surrounding contracted muscles are compressed, preventing them from receiving the proper nutrients and preventing full functionality.  Massage Leeds helps to relieve this, and allows the nerves to resume their work of delivering messages to and from the brain, which helps to improve the efficiency of the organs and muscles.

Deeper tissues of the body which cannot be reached by massage Leeds alone can actually benefit from stimulation of more superficial layers of muscles through Leeds massage, helping to balance and align the tissues in the body.  Furthermore, organs can benefit from Wakefield massage.  Muscles and organs often work in sympathy with one another, reacting if for example a runner gets a stitch or menstrual cramps are intensified by lower back pain.  Wakefield massage helps to break the cycle of pain which is caused by muscles reacting to something the organs are doing by improving their overall function.

On another level, Wakefield massage is also used to promote mental health in those living with anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and many other psychological and psychiatric issues.  For many, the use of touch as a form of therapy acts as reassurance and assists balance in both the mind and the body.


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