TV Brackets – the three main types


TV brackets have become more popular than traditional TV stands these days due to the many features and benefits they offer. TV brackets have many advantages than just saving space of the living room. The viewing angle of the TV set can be changed without much hassle, thus enhancing the viewing experience. Moreover, a stylish looking TV bracket can be used as a decorative item to enhance the impression of the living room. There are different types of TV brackets available in the market to serve different purposes of the consumers. Each one of them has their own advantages. However, it is important to choose a TV bracket, which best suits your purpose.

Low Cost Flat Flush wall mounts

This is the most trouble-free of all the mounts to install. These wall mounts are used to install TVs simply and cheaply. Like all wall mounts, it will need to be installed over a stud in the wall. For the cleanest look, standard TV wall mounts are made to keep the TV sit tight, within 1″/25mm of the wall. They are perfectly suited for LCD TVs, whose screens are getting slimmer day by day. Installing flat screen TVs on other wall mounts will often spell trouble like occupying more space, hampering the décor of the TV etc. There is one main disadvantage to low-profile mounts that the TV once mounted, it cannot be moved, tilted and neither can pivot from side to side.

Tilting TV Brackets

For those that wish to change the angle, there are tilt TV wall mounts. Tilting TV brackets usually cost more. The only significant difference between tilting and low-profile TV brackets is that you can adjust the vertical viewing angle, upto 35º when using a tilting bracket. Most TV brackets have approximately 3″ mounting distance from the wall and are a little thicker in depth compared to Flush TV brackets. A tilt style mount holds the display further from the wall. This allows the bottom of the flat panel to be pushed towards the wall, bringing the top forward. Some tilt TV wall mounts work on a ratchet principle whereby the tilt is adjusted by simply moving the display by hand to the desired angle. Other tilt mounts include a tool that is required to change the angle.

Full Motion TV Brackets

As its name implies, this type of mount allows the TV to be tilted up or and down and swivelled side to side. This motion, however, comes with a cost, which makes full-motion TV brackets the most expensive of the TV brackets. The moving arm allows you to move the TV away from the wall and place it in virtually any position that’s right for you. Thus, people can change the viewing angle of the TV as per their needs; Cantilever TV brackets are great all round option that can be used for commercial or residential purposes and support all sizes of TV. With this type of TV Wall Brackets you can not only angle the tilt, and move the TV to the left and to the right but the swivel arm mechanism allows you to move the TV in a full 360º circle.

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