Main Characteristics and Indications of some diet types


Particular diet types are very good for particular pathological situations. These diet types aid the recovering or reduces pathological damage in such particular situations. Lets learn more about these diet types.


1. Peptic Ulcers of the stomach and/or duodenum, chronic hyperacidic gastroduodenitis in an active phase (excerbation).


The diet types recommended in this case are all foods in liquid forms, boiled, mashed, and warm. Also soft foods such as avocados, bananas, potatoes, and squash. Put vegetables through a blender or food mill. Vegetables like brocoli and carrots should be eaten occasionally- well steamed. Cow’s milk is forbidden. Eat frequent small meals 6-7 times a day.


These requirements are meant to protect the stomach and duodenum mucous membrane from chemical, thermal and mechanical irritants. Hence carbohydrates are restricted, spices and foods which stimulate gastric secretion should be excluded.


During the period of remission

It is mandatory to still moderate protection of stomach and duodenum mucous membrane from hard and spicy foods. And energy value of food must be adequate to age. hence food diet should include well-cooked millet, white rice, raw goat’s milk, and soured milk products such as yugurt, cottage cheese and Kefir. All foods must be in semi liquid form, like puree and warm; food taking 5-6 times daily. Freshly made cabbage, barley wheat and alfalfa juice are useful because they contain chlorophyll, making them potent anti ulcer treatments. Avoid fried foods, tea, caffeine, salt, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, strong spices, animal fats of any kind.


In recovery stage

Apply a mild protection of the stomach and duodenum mucous membrane from hard and spicy food. And as well energy values of food must be adequate to age, exclude foods which stimulate gastric secretion. Recommended diet are; add to the previous diet (diet for period of remission) plenty of dark green leafy vegetables. These contain Vitamin K. which is needed for healing ulcer. Allow teas and other beverages, but let them cool before drinking. All foods are boiled and mashed; Alcohol, chocolate, hard sausage, fried, greasy and spicy foods are forbidden. The normal food should be taken 5 times daily.


Chronic Gastritis with secretion insufficiency; chronic enteritis and chronic colitis


Purpose of diet is to fulfill all nutritional needs of the patient in accordance to individual capacity to absorption. Diets of full nutritional value avoiding mechanical irritants are the best recommendation for this situation. Such diets could be warm meals, boiled or baked; food taken 4-5 times daily. Foods that stimulate gastric secretion but spare to mucous membrane.


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