Sensitive Skin Care – The Truth About Sensitive Skin Products


Sensitive skin care lotions and creams have been around for some time now. But did you know that although they claim to soothe, most of the ingredients actually irritate even more?

It’s true. These products contain harsh chemicals like cetearyl alcohol and parabens that may damage over time. Not to mention the long list of other additives I cannot even pronounce. The solution? Products that are derived from nature and are specifically formulated to perfect the PH balance.

Yes, there are such lotions and creams available, if you look for them. Believe me, I am a long time sufferer of this and I looked high and low for sensitive skin care that really works. Have you applied a lotion that felt so greasy you just had to wash it off again? And what about the heavy scents they use. I don’t know about you, but if I wanted to smell like a lotus blossom, perfume would be the choice, not lotion.

All I care about is relieving the signs of irritation without worrying about other factors. Combination skin is another issue to be addressed. I have dry areas as well as oily, so finding something that works for both can be a real chore. I finally found relief in sensitive skin products derived from natural compounds.

As we age, our skin actually becomes thinner and thus requires gentle hydration as well as protection from free radicals. We hear about those all of the time, and it is a valid concern in the world today. Why bombard yourself with more synthetics? Using naturally derived products is the way to assure both you and your family are doing everything possible to avoid such issues.

When searching for sensitive skin care products, look for simple ingredients that you will recognize as healthy. Essential oils and extracts are among those key ingredients. Avoid products with a high content of water, glycerin and alcohol. If you see these listed first, put it aside and move on.

Susan Hills is a dedicated researcher of skin care health and products. She shares her research on her website Visit her website today to learn about the skin care line she personally uses and recommends.


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