4 Secrets to Choosing the Ideal Organic Oil Based on Your Skin Type


There are different kinds of organic facial oils that you can use for different skin types. If you have oily skin, use organic oils with astringent properties. If your skin is normal, use organic oils with nourishing qualities. Those with dry skin should choose moisturizing oils, and those with mature skin should opt for organic oils that have nourishing properties and contain antioxidants.

Natural essential oils are as good as cosmetic skin care items. Organic oils are extracted from different fruits and nuts that have been grown naturally and without the intervention of pesticides and other harsh chemicals that may potentially cause allergic reactions. From organic argan oil to coconut oil, different kinds of oils have natural properties that have their own beautifying and nourishing effects on the skin. If you want to make your own product for taking care of your face, use some natural ingredients and organic oils. The essential thing is that you know your skin type, your specific skincare needs, and what type of organic oil will best address those needs. Here are some tips to help you decide what organic oil is suitable for different skin types:

Organic oils with astringent properties for oily skin

If you have oily skin that is prone to acne breakouts, you should choose oils that have astringent and non-comedogenic qualities. This organic oil formula will moisturize your skin but stop it from making excessive oil. Reducing the emergence of pimples can be accomplished by using natural oils which can be classified as non-comedogenic, meaning that they will not build up in your pores. An excellent option for regulating the skin’s production of sebum is the usage of Jojoba oil. Blend essential oils such as cedar wood, cypress, lavender, basil, rosemary as well as eucalyptus in a base oil of your preference to be used as a skin toner.

Organic oils with nourishing qualities for normal skin

Organic oils can be used to nourish normal skin. Organic oils from camellia, macadamia nut, rose hip and jojoba are great choices. To assist in clearing and toning your skin, you may select one of these oils to use along with other essential oils, such as geranium, rose, lavender, and neroli.

A combination of organic oils that have moisturizing effects for dry skin

Fortunately, if you have dry skin, you can pick from a combination of oils that have moisturizing properties. Organic oils from sweet almond, avocado, rose hip and macadamia nuts are some of the options you can choose to help seal in moisture and enhance the natural oils of your skin. If you have dry or irritated skin, or just want to help improve skin tone, add one of these oils to your base: cedar, atlas, cypress, palmarosa, neroli, vetiver or chamomile.

Organic oils with nourishing effects and antioxidants for aging skin

If you have aging and mature skin, you can restore the radiance and youthfulness of your face by using a combination of camellia, macadamia, fractionated coconut, argan oils and evening primrose. Natural oils replenish the skin thanks to antioxidants that combat free radicals and sun damage. By adding drops of geranium, neroli, clary sage, fennel, and rose oil to a base oil, the natural anti-aging effects can be enhanced.

The different types of organic oils is proof that skincare does not have to be generic and come in a bottle.

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