Make Up, Skin Moisturizers and Oily Skin Type


Choose wisely make up products for oily and acne prone skin, as they might cause you few troubles. If there are also facial skin moisturizers that women shouldn’t use? The answer is yes, but not everywhere.

If it happens that you have oily skin but on certain areas the skin is dry, it’s proper to use moisturizers on dry areas of your face and use light consistency moisturizers, that come in fluid formula. You should not find problem picking good quality fluid moisturizers, as you already know internet is huge database of products and opinions, plus if you aren’t convinced which one to choose, try a sample in any skincare store to help you in final decision.

When it comes to cosmetics selections, are there any worries with acne-prone skin and makeup? Should they be used or put away?

It would be actually great, to put the make up aside if you are possessing acne prone skin. Will you be able to do that? Well, absolutely you could! but do you want it? After long time of using cosmetics it happens to become second skin, often the most essential one!

Don’t clog your skin pores with makeup! To be sure you won’t do that – decide on mineral cosmetics.
Choose light consistency products and in no way put on thick layer of make up. You don’t want to be closed in the box, the skin as well!
Each time wash off your makeup before bed time.
Select any eye make up and lipsticks you wish, your lips and eye area are secure to apply any lipstick or eye make up products you like.
Acne can be frequently the issue of summer season. In summer it seems like acne problem is way bigger, and also the sun is good in combating pimples. Do tan wisely though! The same as sun can help, it also possibly will cause damage if its “over-enjoyed”.

What about sun blocks? Are they suggested for acne prone skin?

Of course sun blocks should be used. When it comes to oily type of areas, find the opposite: make use of simply oil-free sunscreens. Sun blocks that contain alcohol can be used on oily skin, still you have to know that they could be the source of troubles if you apply them on your lips or eye areas.

Makeup products, skin moisturizers, suntanning products – each can be used in acne-prone skin, but each one needs unique consideration. Makeup needs to be thin, thick layers must be avoided also it really is important to offer your face “days off” make up, so your skin can rejuvenate. Benefit from sun as a help but use sunblocks that offer good defense and do not include oily ingredients.

Enjoy more tips for skin and beauty. Enjoy some interesting acne tips as well.


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