Problem With Oily Skin Care? Discover the Best Ingredients in Products For Oily Skincare


A lifetime need for oily skin care can be a stubborn problem. Since dry skin is more common, it’s easy to feel you’re left out when skin products are developed.

Maybe even worse is combination skin, with patches that are always dry, and areas of your skin that always look shiny with excess oil. Here are some modern discoveries that make for much more effective oily skincare products.

Here’s a natural ingredient that works like some kind of magic. Maracuja is perfect for oily skin, but strangely, it doesn’t do that by drying out your skin.

Maracuja is an extract of passion fruit, a native plant in Brazil. It is a natural emollient, or skin soother. But for oily skin, its power comes from its ability to regulate the production of sebum, the natural oily substance in everyone’s skin.

You must have sebum for healthy normal skin; it’s our basic skin lubricant. Some people seem to produce too much all the time, however, which is what we mean by oily skin.

Apparently because it is very similar to the structure of human skin, maracuja is a fine regulator of sebum production — preventing your skin from becoming either too oily or too dry. Maracuja is exceptionally rich in linolenic acid which nourishes and revitalizes your skin and makes it feel soft, velvety — and non-greasy.

Babassu is a light, natural wax from the babassu palm, another Brazilian native plant. Babassu oil is also beneficial for both dry and oily complexions, moisturizing without making skin oily.

Shea butter is a third natural ingredient that works extremely well with oily skin because it absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling. Shea Butter soothes inflamed skin, reduces scars and blemishes, and smooths wrinkles and even stretch marks.

What to avoid: Whatever it takes, avoid petroleum-based skin care ingredients. Petrolatum, mineral oil, liquid paraffin and paraffin wax are all variations on the same very common ingredient, terrible for anyone’s skin, but leaving an especially greasy coating on oily skin.

Finally, consider an occasional deep-cleansing skin care mask, containing kaolin and bentone gel, which reduce inflammation and oiliness while cleansing your skin.

See my website for suggestions on the best products for both dry and oily skin care.

Kathryn Lane is a longtime health and nutrition researcher. The best skincare products she has found have never been the most expensive or the most heavily advertised. Her website names them:


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