Tell Your Morning Beauty Oily Skin


Step1: Moisturizing Toner Choose according to skin condition

basic cleansing program Skin cleansing method depends on the state. Because the T zone oil secretion strong emphasis on products required to wash her face when the bubble rich and rinse thoroughly; When they find there are acne skin irritation, it should be to use a mild liquid cleanser and scrub a small irritation; a sunburn, the clean side attaches great importance to the protection function of the skin to restore balance.

Step2: clean Wiped the rough, to reproduce the smooth

Wipe the surface to smooth the skin, regulating cuticle state of the method used. Use Cleansing Cotton dipped in a make-up water, gently wipe the face of each small office, wiped secretions, so the skin will return to its original luster. Use moisturizing lotion is the key to good not only nourish the cuticle, a protective layer at the same time restore function of the normal operation.

Step3: moisturizing Vitamin C, effective against skin and sebum acidification

Vitamin C, a large number of supplies can also play a moisturizing effect. Vitamin C can prevent skin aging due to poor environment, the role of acid-based high, also has oily skin and close to the composition, and has Whitening Effectiveness, is essential skin care products.

Step4: Special pores Care After clean-up of dead skin care, double effect

When the pores around the nose become apparent when bound to conduct a clean-up. After cleansing, massage immediately Renew Lotion. Massage at the same time, dead keratinocytes did give a thorough clean out the pores. In addition, the use of cotton dipped in an appropriate amount of drugs cleansing lotion after cleaning the face, gently squeeze nose pores by sebum. This will be a very good astringent, firming effect. Care and use of vitamin C after the pores saturated, it is easy to compact with good skin care effect.

Step5: Eye Care Wake of double skin care eye socket

Feel like you may have: been using a kind of eye care products, but annoying crow’s gotten worse, how do? You can try to do a double on eye care. Basic method is to use the essence to the eye moist, and then with Eye care products category. This persist for some time, eye wrinkles will be significantly improved.

Step6: Sun Nursing To the skin time to absorb the sunscreen

Why I clearly painted sunscreen, but also in time for the skin with sunscreen, tan finally escape the fate? That is because the sunscreen sunscreen ingredients must be completely penetrate the skin after the stratum corneum, can play a long absorption, isolation of the effects of the sun are less likely to lose their function, so before you leave home or travel 15 to 30 minutes , on the pre-smear up your sunscreen, if you worry about dry skin problems occur, such as sunscreen can be absorbed by the skin, supplemented on a layer of moisturizing cream, you can avoid the dry skin problem.

Special care Calisthenics Waking the bodily functions

Use lotion, emulsion gap, gently Event shoulder and neck, to do some simple calisthenics, can play open up the meridians, the body wake-up function, so that one day you start from a good mood.

Morning beauty from the hand to start

As before the cleansing habits, you must adjust the hands of the state. Apply hand cream, will immerse their hands in hot water, so warm and soft, hand-made, can well become rough hand to prevent aging.

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