The Many Types Of Residential Properties


There is a wide variety of properties in which to live, these range from small apartments to large mansions, with all types of houses in between. All of these provide a great choice for people with different amounts of money to spend on housing, either as rent, a mortgage or to buy outright.

Apartment properties are often called flats in the United Kingdom, and apartments in other countries such as the United States of America. The smaller ones are often called studio flats. Such apartments will usually have a bed that can be folded away, so that the living space can be used as both a bedroom and a living room. Studio apartments are often purchased by young adults taking their first steps on the residential property ladder.

One and two bedroom flats are another type of smaller apartment properties that you see advertised. These are often purchased by people moving up the property ladder, either as a first property or as the next step up from a studio flat. One or two bedroom flats are also popular with families with young children. Often such flats will have an allocated parking area or a garage. These types of apartments will also often have communal gardens for all the dwellers to share. These gardens will be tended by professional gardeners, but the apartment dwellers will often be allowed to put in their own plants and flowers if they wish to.

Large apartment properties can be very luxurious. The docklands areas of many major cities around the world often have a range of luxury high rise apartments. These apartments will usually have stunning views of the waterfront. Such apartments will usually have large rooms, magnificent large windows and a gated entrance along with very good security. All of the fixtures and fittings in large apartment will be made to the most luxurious standards. Other large apartment properties can be found in the apartment blocks overlooking Central Park in New York.

Houses are the most common type of properties in the United Kingdom. Terraced houses are also known as semi detached houses. Such homes are built in a line, with adjacent houses joined to each other. Some semi-detached houses are built in twos, so that only two houses are joined together and they are not in a line. Often terraced houses do not have garages or allocated parking spaces, and cars have to be parked on the road near the house. Detached houses are stand-alone and not joined to another house. They will have their own gardens and driveways.

The largest residential properties are often called mansions. These will have extensive grounds and out-buildings. Examples of out-buildings include guest houses, servant quarters and gate houses. The gate house will be on the roadside and will have a drive leading from the public road to the mansion. The mansion itself will be large and ornately built with many rooms inside. Mansions often have swimming pools, tennis courts and stables for horses.

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