Oily Skin Care Tips – Reduce the Greasy Look


You have oily skin when you have large pores, an annoying sheen, a greasy look, and a tendency to have blackheads and acne that keep coming back. What most people tend to do is scrub their faces too hard, hard enough to remove even the natural oils protecting the skin from the elements, and which keep it moisturized. Oily skin care would therefore need some understanding that cleaning would only have to remove just enough oil and impurities that clog the pores, but keep some natural oils and moisture on.

Serious skin care involves an understanding of the peculiarities of the skin type and what harms and nourishes it. Here are some oily skin care tips to keep those oils and greasiness at bay, but keep your skin healthy.

Stick to a facial skin care cleaning regimen that works for you. Care for oily skin involves washing your face with lukewarm, not cold and not steaming hot water. Hot water only takes away moisture, cold water only works to shock your skin. Washing using oily skin care products that won’t, through experience, irritate your skin. As an acne skincare rule of thumb, when a product works for you, stick to it.

Don’t scrub too hard, as removing nearly all oils only serves to work up your glands to produce more oils. Wash at night to de-clog pores and remove dirt accumulated during the day. A toner used in the morning would take away oils formed during the night. You don’t have to keep washing during the rest of the day.

Don’t use oily skin cleansers that dry your skin too much, as you’ll get more oils. Using powder doesn’t work, too; even though it absorbs oils, it clogs pores. Use instead blotter sheets you can buy from any pharmacy, and do blot your face only gently.

Use skincare products – like non-comedogenic moisturisers and sunscreens – for these are free of oils and won’t clog your pores. Look for oily skin moisturiser that calms down those oil glands while simultaneously bringing back needed moisture. Remember that your oil glands are quite sensitive, meaning that any stimuli – fatty foods, stress, hormones, heat – can trigger them. So note when you tend to be greasy, and try to prepare for those conditions.

One advantage of having oily skin is that age and wrinkles tend to get toned down. You might as well, through selected oily skin care products and habits, take advantage of that.

Luke Bond is a skincare product specialist and writer for Skincare Secrets, an online resource for natural healthy skincare products designed to treat a variety of skin concerns and problems. He enjoys sharing his skincare knowledge with others through writing articles and publishing the Skincare Update offered by the site.


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