Which Type of Front Door is best for Your Home?


Front doors are an essential part of all homes, providing security and protection from the elements and invaders, as well as adding a pleasant look to your home in general. There is a wide variety of exterior doors to choose from. Here is all you need to know about choosing a front door for your home.

The first type of front door is the single acting door, which is the most common type of door there is today. A single acting door is hinged on one side and opens in one direction and it is more appropriate for the exterior doors. Double acting doors are hinged on one side but they can open in any direction, inwards and outwards, but they are better suited for interior doors, not exterior.

Another type is the bi-fold door, which are very attractive and elegant if you have a particularly wide opening for your door. It resembles the doors to a wardrobe, such that there are 2 panels, which can fold in the middle to one side. You can have the bi-fold doors for an oriental design.

Sliding doors are a great choice particularly if you want to have your front door made out of glass. They are also good for an oriental or ultra-modern house, and they do provide the security you need and elegance to your home. They are made from 2 panels, either wooden or glass, that are set on rollers such that one panel slides behind the other to allow entry.

Choosing the ideal type of door means that you should consider other factors such as the best materials, design, the size of the entry way and the finishing for your front door. You can have wood, steel or aluminum for single acting doors, while you can opt for fiberglass or vinyl doors for the sliding type of door. You can have any type of design for your finishing, from stained and hand-painted glass to carved wood.

Select a door that can also last long in the kind of weather conditions you live in. Glass doors can withstand virtually any kind of weather, while wooden doors may be subject to warping after several years. Get the ideal kind of exterior door that will serve you for many years and make your home welcoming and attractive.

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