What is the Benefit of a Product Made For All Skin Types?


Nowadays, people behind a counter will try to sell you products based on how customized it is for your skin. They tell you that you need this ingredient for this problem, and that ingredient for that problem. On the surface, it seems like you are being pampered, but the last thing you want to do is wind up in the check out line with ten bottles of skincare for every one of your “flaws.” Well, if you buy one shampoos that suits you and the rest of the family, why not have that same convenience in a skincare product? Have you ever just wanted a simple, universal product that won’t harm your skin and will work on all skin types?

Out of the thousands of bogus claims that many product marketers boast, none is more alluring than “customized.” So, when I talk about products that work fine for all skin types, it means you are in for a surprise. Did you know that, generally, products that are made for all skin types are more mild and have fewer harmful chemicals? In particular, body products are the safest bet for skincare that suits all skin types. Because they are specifically targeted for the skin on your body, the products are made to behave on your arms while still being gentle on your back or legs. After all, no one person is like another, but we all share the same kind of skin: the one that covers our body.

I will bet that if you are like me, you already carry one universal brand in your household: Body or Hand Lotion. Brands like Aveeno, Lubriderm, and Johnson and Johnson are appealing to so many consumers because the whole family can use them. So, a helpful tip is that a product that is made for all skin types will be useful to every member of the family. Some especially carefully-brewed skincare lines are made so gentle, even babies could use them. Keep in mind that your skin is a breathing organ; your skin absorbs and excretes many different chemicals throughout the day, which means that you need a product that is free of harmful chemicals and instead boosted with what nature has to offer. If this is the case, then organic or all-natural skincare is right for you because it should be free of the formulaic chemicals used in other products. Be careful, though, because many brands claim to be organic, and only one or two of their ingredients may be–not the entire package.

Now, instead of customizing every product to your skin, customize it in helpful ways–don’t settle for chemically-infused body products. Go for a paraben-free, all natural body product that works for you lets your skin breathe.


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