Different Types Of Biofeedback


Different signals from the body can be used for various treatments of diseases by the use of biofeedback. There are various different types of bio-feedback available in the market for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Various responses of the body can be gathered in the form of information by the use of different techniques of biofeedback. There are many different techniques and machine for the purpose of bio-feedback. This would help in offering a perfect solution for diseases.

The foremost technique that can be used for the purpose of biofeedback is Electromyogram or EMG. Electrodes or other different kind of sensors are used by Electromyogram in order to measure the tension of muscles. Alerts offered by Electromyogram are very important in the context of bio-feedback. This is because of the reason that it helps in recognizing the tension at an early stage. Therefore the muscle tension can be accordingly controlled in an efficient manner. Muscles that are involved in headaches, neck pain, backaches and even those involved in grinding one’s teeth or bruxism are very useful for the function of biofeedback.

The bio-feedback method of EMG can be used for the purpose of treating some illness where the symptoms might worsen under conditions of stress. Such illnesses which are treated through the method of bio-feedback include ulcers and asthma.

During the usage of biofeedback various sensors are attached to the feet and fingers of the patient. This would ensure that the temperature of the skin can be maintained in an appropriate manner. It is an accepted fact that temperatures of people would drop down as they are under stress conditions. So if there is a low counting of the temperature through the various techniques of bio-feedback it can help people to find out appropriate techniques for relaxation. There are certain circulatory disorders like Raynaud’s disease which can be treated through the use of temperature biofeedback. The frequency of headaches can be reduced to a greater extent by the use of temperature bio-feedback too.

Galvanic skin response training is a very good way to treat health problems through the use of biofeedback. The various activities of sweat glands can be measured through the use of bio-feedback of this kind. People can measure the exact amount of perspiration of the skin thorough different mechanisms of bio-feedback. So people are alerted about the level of anxiety that they are facing right at that moment through the use of biofeedback. As the exact level of anxiety is measured through the use of bio-feedback mechanisms, some emotional disorders like stuttering, phobias and anxiety can be treated.

Various activities of the brain wave can be treated through the use of biofeedback technique like Electroencephalogram or EEG. People try to measure different mental states of the brain through the use of such bio-feedback machines like EEG monitors. Different mental states like calmness, wakefulness, light sleep and deep sleep along with relaxation can be easily measured through, the use of bio-feedback machines like EEG monitors. Other diseases like epilepsy, insomnia and neurological disorders can also be treated through this particular biofeedback machine.

Are you aware that there are various types of biofeedback mechanisms? Treat diseases through the use of bio-feedback tips and tools.


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