How to Get Rid of Oily Face


First thing that you should consider is start cleansing and exfoliating the skin regularly. Women’s skin is more prone to accumulate dead skin cells and that leads to dull skin. Therefore, use a natural exfoliation mask and day/night cleansing mask to get rid of dead skin cells, and open up the pores of the skin.

Harmful products – Not many people realize that using a harmful product can actually push them backwards and harm not only the skin but also various systems of the body. For instance, Mineral oil is one of the regularly used ingredients in cosmetic products. People think that it helps them to moisturize the skin, in reality, however, the molecules of Mineral Oil are so large that they clog the skin pores, leading to an oilier skin that attracts more dirt and grime.

CynergyTK-This wonder ingredient is derived from wool of sheep. It is a rich source of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and minerals. It nourishes the skin cells and rejuvenates them effectively. It also assists in producing new healthier skin cells and boosts the natural production of collagen within the skin.

Commonly this will be mineral oil, as mineral oil is extremely cheap. This can exacerbate the problem. Mineral oil is often included in moisturisers because it is a cheap way to produce a moisturising effect. It coats the skin which helps decrease the loss of moisture, but also contributes to skin oiliness as well as to acne.

Clearly, the artificial products are the biggest enemies of your skin. You must develop skill to identify the wrong ingredients and avoid products, which use them. Information is knowledge and with knowledge comes wisdom, therefore, develop your knowledge about harmful ingredients and choose safe products wisely.

Fragrances – Nothing can be more dangerous than fragrances. They are a combination of harmful chemicals like Phthalates, Neurotoxins, and Irritants. They can cause damage to the endocrine system and reproductive system of the body.

Jojoba oil-The makeup of jojoba oil is very similar to that of human sebum (the oil secreted by your skin) which means it is absorbed and accepted well by your skin without breakouts or reaction. This unique oil moisturizes the skin to make it feel soft and velvet like while balancing out sebum levels to get rid of oily skin quickly and easily.

There are some products available that can stop the absorption of excess oil. They come in cream form as well as blotting sheets. These are good for when you are out and want to stop your face from shining, but they will not cure the underlying problem.Some of the better natural treatments for oily skin also include natural proteins, vitamins, enzymes and minerals with the goal of maintaining healthy cell function.

Extracted from natural sources, substances such as functional keratin, natural vitamin E, Co Enzyme Q 10, Japanese sea algae and active Manuka honey work to achieve a healthy balance by supporting the health of your underlying cellular structure.

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